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Singleton Ranches are rich in history, tradition, and family values.  Our philosophy is
"Take care of the land, and it will in turn take care of the people who work it."
2012 AQHA Best Remuda Award


Singleton Ranches was the 2012 recipient of the AQHA Best Remuda Award, which is given to outstanding ranch remudas of registered American Quarter Horses.

The award began in 1992 and has since recognized several outstanding ranches for their efforts in raising American Quarter Horses, an important tool of their trade.


The Singleton Ranches is a commercial cow/calf operation running between 12-15,000 mother cows.

Whether mare, stallion or gelding, all the horses at Singleton Ranches are very important.

The Foundation strives to lend a helping hand in the local communities that the Singleton Ranches are a part of.



Singleton Ranches is one of the top five operations in the United States in terms of total acreage and cattle numbers. But it is the families that work the land who form the heart of Singleton Ranches. These families are totally immersed in ranch activities year-round. The spring and fall works involve not only the wives and children of the ranch cowboys, but the neighbors as well. Whether it is gathering cattle, working in the branding pen or fixing dinner, everyone helps. These families are proud of the way they live, treasuring the simple things most.

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